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What To Know When Getting A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

By | 6th December 2019

When it comes to facial features, not everyone has an amazing nose. While some people are blessed with a great one, others may be looking to enhance what they already have. However, with any type of procedure, there are always risks and some may be wary of trying a surgical approach. The good news is that there is the option of having permanent non surgical rhinoplasty

What Is It?

This permanent non surgical rhinoplasty is designed for people who want to have improvements made to their nasal area. It’s an option for a first-time procedure but it can also be performed for anyone who has had a procedure before that didnt go well.

The basic procedure involves having the nasal area numbed and then a permanent filler is injected just under the skin. During this procedure, you’ll be able to watch the process using a hand mirror. After having it completed, wait six weeks and then return to your surgeon to see if any additional filler is needed. Although results vary, most permanent non surgical rhinoplasty can be done in about three sessions. The reason for this is that the injection material, Silikon 1000 takes some time to show the full results. Waiting between procedures allows the surgeon to provide excellent results every time.

Are There Risks?

Although the risks of permanent non surgical rhinoplasty are much less than the surgical options, any type of procedure comes with some risk factors. Discussing any medical history with the surgeon is recommended. Also, be sure to inform the surgeon of any surgical history, especially in that area of the face. However, overall, this procedure is non-invasive and safe for most people to have done. The primary side effects of this procedure include bruising in the injection site and tenderness. More serious side effects are rare, but discuss any concerns with the physician before deciding to have this done. The best news is that people can return to normal activities immediately.

Making a Decision

Before deciding to have this procedure done, it’s a good idea to discuss your goals and options with a qualified medical professional. It is possible to review the final changes made, which is is a significant benefit for most people. A surgeon can use saline injections to provide an idea of the end result without any permanent results. For anyone who has an uneven nose, this procedure offers a great option so consider what it may do for you.… Read the rest