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[22:11:06] technomancy_circ (4b457731@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined the channel.
[22:11:08] <technomancy> grr... clojure.core/*loading-verbosely?* doesn't tell you whether it uses .class files or files on disk =\
[22:11:16] technomancy_circ is now known as technomancy_2014
[22:11:28] <technomancy_2014> technomancy: dude, don't do the autopromotion thing
[22:11:38] <technomancy_2014> you'll regret it, I promise :-|
[22:11:43] <xeqi> heh
[22:12:03] <technomancy> technomancy_2014: careful, you'll cause a paradox!
[22:12:18] <technomancy> great scott!
[22:13:31] <technomancy_2014> technomancy: don't worry, we've figured that stuff out by now
[22:14:03] <technomancy> no kidding. how about concurrency in Emacs; do you have that yet?
[22:14:19] <technomancy> that might take a bit longer
[22:14:42] <technomancy_2014> nah, they stopped distributing binaries. Went all gentoo on everyone, so I (er, you) switched to vi.
[22:15:07] <technomancy> huh... i guess vi is webscale.
[22:16:00] technomancy_2014 (4b457731@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left the channel.
[22:16:17] <technomancy> wait, I had more questions!...
[22:19:49] <technomancy> actually I have no idea what else to try for this startup time issue

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