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  • Pasted by anonymous on January 19, 2012
(defun llasram/fit-window-to-buffer (&optional window)
  (let ((window (or window (get-buffer-window))))
    (fit-window-to-buffer window
       (funcall temp-buffer-max-height (window-buffer window)))))

(defadvice slime-display-popup-buffer
  (after llasram/slime-fit-popup activate)
  "Fit SLIME most popup windows to necessary size."

(defadvice slime-initialize-macroexpansion-buffer
  (around llasram/slime-macroexpansion-other-window activate)
  "Prevent SLIME from switching windows for macroexpansion."

(defadvice slime-maybe-show-compilation-log
  (after llasram/slime-fit-popup-compilation activate)
  "Fit SLIME compilation windows to necessary size."
  (let ((window (get-buffer-window "*SLIME Compilation*")))
    (when window
      (with-struct (slime-compilation-result. successp)
        (if successp
            (delete-window window)
          (llasram/fit-window-to-buffer window))))))

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