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(ns blah.interop
  (:use [clojure.reflect :only (type-reflect)]))

(defn- delegate-method [method]
  (let [name (:name method)
        args (concat ['this]
                     (map #(symbol (str "arg" %))
                                 (range (count (:parameter-types method)))))]
    (list name
          (apply vector args)
          (list (symbol (str "." name)) args))))

(defmacro reify-delegate [type & body]
  (let [info (type-reflect type :ancestors true)
        methods (->> info :members (filter #(contains? % :return-type)))
        implementations (map delegate-method methods)]

; (pprint (macroexpand-1 '(reify-delegate java.lang.Appendable)))

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