RefHeap is a pastebin website that is written and designed by Anthony Grimes and Alex McNamara. The project began in late 2011 and was launched in early 2012.

RefHeap was created for several reasons:

  • We aren't entirely satisfied with existing pastebins
  • We want to experiment with cool features that other pastebins may or may not have.
  • We want to implement gist-like revision and forking features without using Git for paste storage.
  • We wanted to write a pastebin with a focus on Clojure. A pastebin written in Clojure for Clojure. Using Pygments for syntax highlighting means we can also support a very large number of languages besides Clojure as well.
Another motivation is to gain experience writing a non-trivial website in Clojure.

RefHeap uses a number of technologies. First and foremost, it uses Pygments for syntax highlighting. Yes, we could have reinvented the wheel and rolled our own pygments-like for Clojure, but we would have ended up with an ultimately less stable tool that we would be forced to maintain and that would have support for a significantly smaller number of languages for quite a while. Pygments is an excellent tool and the author has been nothing but open to my contributions to improve its Clojure support. I think Pygments was a fine choice.

RefHeap is constantly in development. There are numerous issues on our issue tracker and the majority of them are planned features. We are ambitious but we are also small. We are currently a core team of two with other responsibilities, so any help is certainly appreciated. One of the greatest things about RefHeap is that it is open source. If you want something to be added or changed, you've got a solid shot at making that happen.

Why should you use RefHeap? It has a nice color scheme (based off of Tomorrow Night Bright) that is often tweaked to look prettier, support for a ton of languages, is open source and very easy to contribute to, has a simple API with libraries in Clojure and Ruby, editor support for both Vim and Emacs, a Ruby gem for pasting from the command-line, and an ambitious team with cool plans for its future.

Did you know? CLOSE

  • There are keyboard shortcuts!
    • When Creating A Paste
      • ALT+P Toggle Private
      • CTRL+Enter Create Paste
      • ALT+W Toggle word wrap
    • When Viewing A Paste
      • ALT+G Go to a line
      • ALT+CTRL+E Edit the paste
      • ALT+R Show the raw code
  • There are URL options!
    • When Creating A Paste
      • ?lang=Javascript to default to javascript
    • When Viewing A Paste
      • #L-N Jump to line number N