RefHeap has a simple API for accessing and creating pastes. You can use this API without an account with RefHeap. However, if you want pastes that you create to be created under your account, you'll need to supply your username and an API token with the request. You want to keep this API token a secret. However, if you accidentally push it to Github or it is otherwise compromised, you can generate a new one at anytime. When you generate a new token, the old one no longer works.

Check out the API documentation on Github!

Login to see your token.

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  • There are keyboard shortcuts!
    • When Creating A Paste
      • ALT+P Toggle Private
      • CTRL+Enter Create Paste
      • ALT+W Toggle word wrap
    • When Viewing A Paste
      • ALT+G Go to a line
      • ALT+CTRL+E Edit the paste
      • ALT+R Show the raw code
  • There are URL options!
    • When Creating A Paste
      • ?lang=Javascript to default to javascript
    • When Viewing A Paste
      • #L-N Jump to line number N