Looking for a Dental Specialist That Fits Your Needs?

By | 8th November 2019

When it comes to your oral health and hygiene, you want to know you are being treated by the premier leading dental staff in Montreal. In addition to being qualified and certified to practice, our dental staff have seen it all and done various different types of treatments over the years. We began our practice well before the latest technologies and advancements were in place. So, we know how to perform the dental work you need with traditional dental tools and instruments. Furthermore, we are always implementing the latest treatment technologies in our office, and our staff is undergoing training regularly, to ensure we can deliver the very best dental care possible to our local patients.

Our staff offers a wide range of services to our local patients. Some of the work we do in the office includes

  • Cleaning and general dental care
  • Extractions and wisdom tooth removal
  • Cosmetic work, veneers, porcelain, implants, etc
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental surgery for dental/medical reasons
  • Sedation dentistry for those who are afraid of the dentist or need to be put under for major surgical work
  • Pediatric care
  • Invisalign

And, we are always expanding upon our knowledge and our practice, so we can keep up with the top dental offices and clinics in Montreal.

We are honest with our patients and will only set up the dental treatments which are necessary for the best outcome. We want to make sure you are happy with how your teeth look, and we also want to ensure they are healthy. So, we take the right approach in setting up your treatment plan to ensure we are capable of achieving that objective with you.

If you are in need of dental work or work for your children, we are here to help. Give our team at Doctor Wisdom a call so you can learn more about our office and practice, or to schedule your consultation with our staff. You can also visit our site to learn more about the work we do and to learn more about our facilities. We are here to help and want to deliver the best experience to our patients. So, give us a call so we can get your treatment plan started, and deliver that healthy smile you want to see after your visit to our office.