Should I Use Racing Oil in My Daily Driver?

By | 18th October 2022

High-performance engine oil is often used in racing vehicles subjected to heavy loads, high temperatures, and extreme conditions. But should this oil be used in daily driving?

The short answer is no. You should not use racing oil in your daily driving. That’s because the formulation of racing oils is designed for short-term, high-load, and extreme conditions. These formulations are not suitable for everyday use in a typical passenger vehicle. The oil viscosity, detergent levels, and additives are all formulated differently to meet the needs of a racing engine.

Daily drivers need the oil designed for everyday use in an engine, which means it needs to be able to handle various conditions and temperatures. Racing oils are not intended for this purpose and could potentially damage your engine if used in a daily driver.

For your daily driver, use an oil that excels in several performance areas, including:

  • Good thermal stability
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Resistance to oxidation and sludge buildup
  • Protect against rust, corrosion, and foaming
  • Easy cold temperature start
  • Engine cleanliness

How is this different from racing oil?

Racing oils are designed to meet the demands of a high-performance engine, which requires oil that can stand up to extreme temperatures and pressures. Racing oil is specially formulated to have a higher-than-normal viscosity level and detergent packages that provide greater protection. Racing oil is also designed to be used for a limited period and needs to be changed more often than standard oils. Therefore, using racing oil in a daily driver is not recommended as it is not designed to be used in those types of engines.

Motorists who are passionate about engine performance and protection should consider products that are specifically formulated for street cars. These motor oils provide optimal protection, ensuring long-term performance and reliability without the need to frequently change the oil.

Where can I find good quality motor oil for my daily driver?

Driven Racing Oil offers a wide range of high-performance motor oils that are specifically formulated for different applications. Their line of street motor oils is designed to offer superior protection and performance while providing excellent fuel economy and easy cold starts. The website is a great place to find specialty oils designed to meet any street-driven engine’s demands.

Bottom line:

Use the right synthetic oil for your daily driven vehicle; racing oils are not designed for long-term use in street engines. Consider a synthetic oil that is formulated specifically for the demands of your everyday driven vehicle to ensure optimal performance, protection, and fuel economy.